Loree is now available for Blackboard (Original) ​

Loree is at her best when supporting schools in delivering a consistent learning experience across their LMS with ease, using sharable custom blocks and Loree templates. She also helps make learning fun with engaging customisable interactive elements!

Adding value with Loree

No HTML Knowledge?... No Worries!

  • Deliver consistent experiences
  • Engage learners with web-like design
  • Responsive
  • Intutive to pick up
  • Supports a community of users
  • Gifts time back to the Educator
  • No more ruffled feathers

If you build it, they will come!

  • Loree brings designers, educators and learners together!
  • Design and share custom building blocks
  • Design and share entire page templates
  • Make everyone's life easier by sharing university wide

Driving features alongside our users

  • Accessibility checker
  • Admin portal
  • Sharing is caring
  • Embed media
  • Linking existing pages/folders with ease
  • Abbility to manage styles
  • Integration of H5P interactive content

Sign me up for free play!​

If you feel your creative juices flowing and would love to dive on in and explore all that Loree has to offer for 7 days, free of charge, simply hit ‘Gimme access’, fill in the form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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