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Loree Features

Loree Editor

Create engaging course pages with text, images, videos and interactives within Canvas.

Design & Share

Design, build, save and share​ templates + custom building blocks across your organisation in minutes.

Admin Portal

Manage features, share templates, set fonts and brand colours to support consistent design across your organisation.*​

Media Integration

Media assets such as images​ and video can be uploaded/used directly into Loree.

Accessibility Checker

Ensure your learners have both accessible and well-designed content to meet their learning needs with our built-in WCAG 2.1 AA Checker.​

Loree Interactives

Create engaging customised​ interactive content elements (eg: image sliders, flip cards, accordions, tabs) and embed them with ease.​

Google Font Integrations

Seamless integrated of Google Fonts providing hundreds of options to meet your branding and course needs.*​

H5P and Interactive

Kick start your H5P journey with Loree’s own seamless .org integration.​